I&S/ Week 01 – Collect/ Socks and Metallic Surfaces/ Maria Lukoianova

I have been collecting socks since a very young age, but never could organise them properly, this time I have used the opportunity to actually do it. In my collection there are approximately 60 different pairs of socks. I have organised them by colour on the cover page, then by category on the inside. (All socks been scanned)

You can access the publication about classification of socks by clicking here:

(It’s a folder, I hope it’s organised correctly, but if not I hope you will find the front/back of the cover, that’s all, thank you!)


However, I did not want to just stop on socks, so I have looked around the house in hope to find some interesting hidden patterns in relation to the objects, try to relate the unrelated. Thus, I found out that there were quite a lot of things with a metallic surface, so I have classified them by the colour of the metal.

You can access the publication considering metallic surfaces here:


Moreover, a little bit of research could be found here:


If you can not access the links, please let me know c:

3 thoughts on “I&S/ Week 01 – Collect/ Socks and Metallic Surfaces/ Maria Lukoianova”

  1. You got a really cute collection of socks. Your choice of font or it’s your handwriting matches really well with the objects. The method of classification is very clear by using category. It would also be nice to organise in hierarchy to tell which one is your favourite. You seem to really love socks as you’ve said you’ve been collected socks from a young age. The design of publication is very effective as you arrange these socks in a very playful way. Maybe it would be cool if you mentioned the place you’ve collected them?

    The collection of metallic paint looks quite cool. You had really strong and interesting ideas. By comparing these two collections, The sock collection seems stronger as I can feel the passion.

  2. Hi Maria !
    I think it’s funny that your two publications are completely different! I think both of them are very clear and can be continued. The one about the socks is funnier and like you say, it’s something you love so you might be more comfortable working on it. However, I really like the photos you took for the metallic surfaces publication and I’m intrigued by them, I really like the zooms you made on some of them, which sometimes makes them blurred and enlarge the mystery. Before discovering the object, we can make our own interpretation of what the object can be what I find interesting!

  3. I am jealous of your sock collection! Wonderful! The variety of compositions are exciting and playful! As are your collection of metallic surfaces! They are very visually rich! Exciting indeed. The balance between type and image could be further refined to maximise the imagery — for example how could you have employed your own handwriting with the sock layouts? Or the cover design for the metallic collections, given more time to explore different typefaces I am sure you’d be able to locate a more suited typeface (it brought to mind fashion magazines, and how they use very fine serifs…) Exciting work!

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