Week 1, collection of texts by Shin

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4 thoughts on “Week 1, collection of texts by Shin”

  1. A really cool and personal journey that you have explored, being able to see you develop even without understanding all of the text that you have presented. I think this is something that you should keep documenting even if not for this project as it seems like each piece of text is important to you, collecting them all into one book at becomes almost like a guide book for you.
    The time organisation is probably the strongest way of organising these texts as it allows you to build a timeline narrative of what has happened throughout your life so far. In the future, if you had time to translate some of the important messages within the text or to give a summary of what the text is about – handwriting it so you can compare your different handwriting styles which would maintain that personality. Definitely a strong start to a project.

  2. Your design of publication looks very clean and the layout makes it easier to read.The time organisation seems to be the strongest way to communicate. We can follow the timeline to watch you gradually grow up.I feel like maybe it’s better to add a little story beside these items. Because I can see these items all very meaningful and personal to yourself. I’m not sure if the three characters on the last page is your signature or not, but it looks very cool and suggest it’s your personal life journey.

  3. Hello Sunghyun !
    A challenging project because not many people can read the characters you wrote. For my part, even if I don’t understand what’s written, I can feel that it touches you and that these are personal writing. I also like the parallels you make in the legends of the letters, for example the “goodbye” -“and hello”. It’s kind of logical that you put them in chronological order, and the way you’ve arranged your publication makes it very readable and narrative. Well done!

  4. A very sensitive and thoughtful response. Some of your layouts are refined and use white space wonderfully. I would have loved to have read the notes, it brings to mind translation, and how/if a work live this needs to be translated for a wider audience? Exploring texts is a really exciting focus for this project, each representation of text (hand written, printed, stamped) has very specific atmospheres, I wonder how these could be further explored or amplified? Great work Sunghyun!

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