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  1. Hello Laura!
    I love that you started with the clutter wheel, and it is nice that you displayed it as a gif/video. It allows to present your objects in an aesthetic (with the colour organization) and dynamic way (with the animation).
    The layout of your items is minimalistic and nicely focuses on every object. It is nice to have room and space. I like the font you choose and the relationship between the caption and the pictures works well. The alphabetical order is efficient and makes sense with your items being random. Though since they do all seem personal maybe a hierarchy organization would have been interesting? What are the items you value the most? Or maybe the size of the objects are meant to signify their importance to your eyes?
    Are all the pictures yours or are some generic? (like the Nutella and such). Anyway, they are great quality and perfectly cut out (does it make sense? couldn’t find the proper English word to it) which gives a professional quality to it all – maybe the photos do give a flatter aspect to the last double-page. It could almost be a magazine layout, which could actually be a playful exercice for you to work on with these.

  2. The clutter wheel is definitely very visually pleasing due to the colours and the way you cut out the items (removed the background.) I like how you took an animation approach to the task. When looking at the items, I can see a slice of who you are and what you enjoy.

    Suggestion – The ordering by colours method of classification improves the collection by letting viewers understand what colours you enjoy and your overall aesthetic in general, which gives the items a sense of importance. However, ordering alphabetically is not as effective – it doesn’t give much impact or improvement to the collection.

  3. I like how all of your objects seem nostalgic. The old boots, the used playing cards, the burnt / used candle etc. they all show that they have been used, and loved, and show life in their own ways. Even though they have been picked randomly I think they tell their own little stories which is interesting in of itself! I don’t see your objects as clutter because there is sentiment behind those things, as well as some of the other objects e.g. your photographs, however having said this I love the concept of your clutter wheel. Maybe if you wanted to experiment further with this idea you could consider different themes / names for the wheel experiments. Just an idea but maybe something like “wheel of sentiment” or “wheel of memories” because I’m sure you have stories for each of them. Perhaps the boots were what you wore to one of your most memorable events (like a concert or something), it would be cool to know the ‘clutter’ stories :). Lastly, I think the way they’ve been laid out is really neat and organised which I also think adds to their beauty.

  4. Hi Laura!!
    I gotta say that the art direction is really on point. The thin and regulated sans serif you’re using really allows your assortment of objects to shine. I can identify them and its not to distracting as well. There’s also a personal aspect thats quite vivid in your selection, which is formed collectively by these specific items. Like what others have mentioned, theres also a theme of nostalgia (especially in the photographs and toys). If you have time and netflix, go and watch “Happy Old Year” its quite an abstract film but deals with the themes cluttering goods and nostalgia as well!.
    In terms of the clutter wheel itself, the hierarchy of colour is really visually satisfying and the way you have correlated the BG colour and typeface with each frame is nice as well. Its as if they represent the nature/emotional connection/qualities of the objects themselves. I like how you’ve gone against the “signified” context of the word clutter (clutter is usually something thats uneccessary and needs to be tidied or disposed of), you’re imbuing these objects with qualities and appeal instead!
    -With the clutter wheel , you could try experiment with other parts of LATCH perhaps. Would it still be a wheel or would it change according to how you sort it?

  5. A very diverse collection of objects! The use of film and the colour wheel is really good, it does run very quickly and I think it could be a lot more effective if slowed down. A good idea to also classify them differently to a standard publication using ‘Alphabet’ also works well, the addition of the text at the bottom of the page was a really good addition. Are these single pages or double pages? If they are double pages the text could be lost through the central gutter between the individual pages. You could consider adding a cover for this publication?

    The simple photography with the objects cut out to white works well.

    Good that you added the text introduction but it would have been better to add a separate process pdf of your work this week as requested.

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