6 thoughts on “Le Kit – Alena Zavarzina”

  1. Hey Alena 🙂

    Your use of categorisation is nice and clear, and it’s interesting to have an insight into the objects that surround you right now whilst you’re in Portugal!
    As you’ve said that the objects are predominantly black/blue/orange, it would be interesting to see how the publication would look if you ordered the items in terms of their colour, especially against the consistent white wall background.

  2. Hi Alena, I really like how you classify your items by alphabet and category, the lists of each categories are very clear, layout and size of different images are quite good.
    I feel that will be nice if you that can write a little bit story about one of your favorite items, and the relationship between you and these items.

  3. Hi Alena 🙂

    Really interesting series of objects, it puts into perspective what we all view as necessities!

    The minimal design of the publication with the objects photographed on a white background works well – as does the use of a grid. Maybe the use of colour should also be consistent – so only use colour photographs or only use black and white photographs?

    It is also lovely to see all the objects together as a kit… would be interesting to see which objects you use more (frequency)?

  4. hey Alena 🙂

    The categories you chose to organise your objects all work really well, and that almost all end up being in the category of materials you use to exercise. I find it really nice the way you organised the images and numbered them making the publication really easy to go through.

  5. Alena! This is great! A very resolved and highly designed publication! Wonderful achievement in such a short time. The photographic and typographic approach is well chosen and feels appropriate for the data and aesthetic of your collection. The type on the cover ‘Le Kit’ and on pages 14 and 15 ‘Le Bidon’ feel a little bit of a stylistic departure but I appreciate it adds a bit of flavour and an editorial quality.

    One thought I did have was if an additional level of data could be explored, for example measurements (within the hierarchy listing / or added to the page spreads) or what was the criteria upon which you mapped importance? Was it by how often if was used? Could this have surfaced?

    I would have also liked to see the exercise that you have been developing! For example what do you do with the axe! Or the bidon? A great start to the brief!

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