List of 26 of my Items

All 26 of these items are objects that I plan on to bring with meet to London after the convid-19 has been defeated.

1. Supermalt
2. Slippers
3. Stress ball
4. Documents
5. Off black tea
6. Baby Christmas tree
7. Alarm clock
8. Family picture
9. Glasses
10. Lucky Watch
11. Phone
12. Rice cooker
13. Toolbox
14. Wallet
15. Pencil case
16. Coconut butter
17. Flask
18. Weights
19. Xbox One
20. Laptop
21. Ironing board
22. Gown
23. Earphones
24. Doorag
25. Suitcase
26. TV

I ain’t sure if I’m posting to the right place or if it’s presented in the correct way, sorry for being late to the party and good day to you all.

6 thoughts on “List of 26 of my Items”

  1. Great concept, it would be interesting to see how you would document them in a publication and wether you would you put them in separately or grouped etc.

  2. Ismail, I like your collection of items and the theme behind them but this is just the very starting point. The brief requirements was that you assemble them into a form of publication, ideally 16 pages. You have to decide how to organise/classify them using the LATCH method. Location, Alphabet, Time, Category or Hierarchy. This is stated clearly on the weekly task tab on this blog.

  3. Hello Ismail,

    I think that the idea of collecting items you would bring back to London after the quarantine is over is really interesting 🙂 How would you organise/arrange these objects for the publication?

  4. Really cool visualisation of what change this powerful pandemic might bring to you in the future.
    Would love to see how you would classify them. I think imagining different scenarios to explain when and why you would need these objects could be a good idea!

  5. Love that idea of collecting 26 objects upon what to bring back to London, the anticipation is interesting. A concept upon future action/preparation rather than anything nostalgic which is what most people are going by. I wonder if the publication itself can have a more futuristic look? Also how are you categorising them?

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