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  1. The methods of translation are really cool and unique.I get information of the three items from different aspects. You got really strong and intriguing ideas. Those mediums seem to be digital and technical based.Therefore, the website format is also very appropriate to the content. From my aspect, both the technique you used in translation and the website are personal and link to yourself. For the development, I feel like those 3D scans can be interactive or maybe combine the medium 11 to make little gifs? The ‘Scans of each object converted into code’ reminds me code converted into objects like QR code and bar code.

  2. The first translation method is very strong and it announces well the rest of the publication!
    You used several mediums and I think that including videos (the ones with smoke) and especially audio files could have been a bit confusing but you’ve got it right! I also really like the order of your presentation and the middle which is in black and white and by hand. For the rest of the project, I would advise you to create a video where you could animate what you did in 2D.

  3. Luke! This is great! Solid! Systemic! Committed! I very much enjoyed your approach to the task, it is robust, consistent and has resulted in an array of exciting possibilities!

    The relations between the data translations (price, weight & size) and the 3D translations (scan, texture & audio) particular excited me — from the contrast of simple (number, text, text, monochromatic) to the complex (image, colour, texture & processing power) to the forms of representation / translation. The texture breakdowns are wonderful! A sort of cubist deconstruction of the object.

    Luke! I think you have found something exciting here! The curate task is going to provide you with the opportunity to refine and present these explorations. Consider how best to present them — the list view you are currently using is effective — but how could it be more immersive? More ambitious! More engaging to a wider audience?

    Exciting times ahead!

  4. This is soooo coooool!! You’ve chosen so many interesting ways to describe your objects. I think the texture breakdowns and the photocopier distortions are the two best methods that will help you carry on to your further explorations and experiments on this project. They will give you unique and interesting textures for you to play with. Maybe try printing the photocopier distortions out and cut them into pieces and re-organize them in various ways! If you cut them into triangles and rejoin them, it will look like a cool cubist-style artwork, maybe!

    And 3D scanning made me think ‘if I see these objects in real life, they will look like this’. 3D scanning made me feel as if I was able to hold those objects in my hands. So I guess, yeah, you did a great job if that was your intention! I’ll look forward to see your exhibition! 🙂

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