4 thoughts on “Catalogue week 02 – Kina Yim”

  1. I think the methods of translation are so beautiful and really show the relationships between people and objects in a deeper way. It really shows how objects can be far more than physical. It’s almost romantic the way you’ve translated them which really suits the objects.

    Your process documentation is so well laid out and thorough!! The format is lovely and delicate mirroring the objects and the black and white works well so that you are not distracted from the text.

    If you wanted to develop it I think maybe consider other methods of publication, I really liked you investigation into the sounds maybe it could be audio visual. Overall you did such an elegant job it works so well! Have a nice weekend 🙂

  2. Hello Kina,

    The title you chose also for this publication is very nice. I think it is really clever to connect the title both at the beginning and at the end of the publication.

    The layout you used to represent the shape of the objects is very creative and makes it exciting to need to turn the page to read it. In my opinion it involves the reader even more as they engage with the piece not only through reading it, but also by seeing beyond the words to see the shape of the necklaces you created using the text itself.

    The translation methods you used are clear and feel very personal as the objects themselves.

    It could be interesting to see how the people who own these objects would translate them. What do you think? 🙂

  3. A very romantic and personal approach of translating objects.
    I really like the way you layout the text as well as the choice of font. It works well with the overall theme of your publication.
    The process pdf is really well-organised and shows that you have put effort. I wonder if you also include some aspects that you have not mentioned into the outcome as many of them are so interesting and look really good and deserve to be shown!

  4. It is great how your concept continues the theme started last week. This can be seen very clearly in your process work including how you ‘designed’ the 12 translations. This has produced some intimate and personal work but I do not think your publication fully resolves the concept and communicates the ideas clearly to the audience, similar to last week.

    Your publication does not include the required 12 translations for each object! Even the addition of the simple picture of each subject wearing it would have been really good to make it clearer. You could have included a photograph of the owners of the three pieces? You could include the message to them into the publication.

    Consider how you could have incorporated the sound element into the final publication as well.

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