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  1. Your list of methods of translation read as a poem! As do your descriptions of your methods. Is writing a medium that you enjoy? Could/should it be brought more into focus? When I read about the memory of the decoration (Paris, getting lost, high winds) I am more interested in that story than I am about the object.

    This is surfaced again with the tattoo gun, it is potent with questions — has it been used? Who have you given tattoos too? What is your relationship with tattoos? Do you in fact have tattoos? Of what? What do they mean to you?

    It would be also beneficial to read your reflections on the procedure? What did you think of the task? Like it? Hate it? It is important to communicate this to assist in the reading / viewing of the work.

    It is exciting to consider how you will respond to the new weekly task ‘Curate’ could this become more focused on the stories around your items? Your interests? In tattoos. My hope is that you use this brief to your advantage — to take it where you want to take it. Make it your own.

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