Lisa, Catalogue week 2

For this part, I decided to use, the sewing machine, the photo-album and the porcelain statues.

As a translations, I chose:

-History, Description, Location, deferent angle of view, close up, Colour palette, Details.

Process log

4 thoughts on “Lisa, Catalogue week 2”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I like your minimalistic layout for conveying the information of the objects. Also, I like the colour palette of the objects and you might be able to use the colours to emphasise certain bits of information in your publication!

  2. The simple design and layout works well conveying the information clearly. Make that there is consistently space for the text on every page. Overall, it does feel quite formal and maybe you could have considered ways to make it more intimate and personal as the objects connect to your family?

    It would have been good to have a consistent way to photograph all the objects as it is not the same for each object: top, front, left side, right side, back and details? On the colour palette white is missing for the statues!

  3. Do love the use of a very simplistic style to bring more focus to the objects and translations themselves. I think maybe to further this and also help make the project more personal it would be interesting if you looked at including the descriptions/history in the other languages you speak? As some of the objects are Russian it could help to add a cool element whilst bringing it back to the origin of the object. Developing from that, you could ask your relatives to talk about their memories with the object as well. As your font choice I think makes it feel quite journal-y so bringing in these types of elements, maybe including handwritten ones too, could really add an extra level to your lovely work!

  4. I really like the visual language that you used, its simple, minimal and very delicate in a way . I would really like to see close up pictures and details of the objects, that would be amazing, and also it would be really nice if you added descriptions with the images. I really like the colour palette, I feel like if you were to print it would be amazing to see it as a concertina, being exposed to the imaged gradually.

    Stay safe:)

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