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In response to my feedback, I wanted to explore the relationship that can exist and maybe link the user, the space and the time. I decided yo ask my mom, which lives with me and my brother, Ethan which is in Montreal, different points of view, regarding the categories I choose to translate the items. For example, the position of my desk in my room will be different for the 3 of us, and the frequency of use will also be different.

I wanted to make a book that can be opened on any page, to read a memory or to have a look at a photo… The name of my book is as simple as the address of my house in Paris, because we used to live here all together. Sometimes there are our 3 answers to the categories, but sometimes I put only one of them, which I found more interesting. Indeed, I find that it brings a certain rhythm to the book and it is what I tried to do as much as possible thanks also the text/image relationship and the changes of narration.

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  1. You have definitely created a sense of relationship throughout this publication and it makes it unique that I can read and relate to the perspective of three different people, follow one persons narrative throughout or compare each of your answers. The range of methods that you have explored fit your objects, the photography and drawings of the cards section were my personal favourite. Some of your type work such as pg.18 was also really strong. Check out David Carson’s typographic work, he has some really strong and chaotic typography that matches this page.

    I think moving forward being more experimental with some of your type and composition layouts will make a more personal experience for the individuals within the publication, exploring different styles and typefaces for each person depending on their responses. Exploration of combining type and imagery may also be something to consider but overall this is a really cool publication that I’ve read like 3 times now and learnt something new each time about your objects. !

  2. It’s really interesting to see you making it the style of non-fiction book. The publication is very personal filled with your conversation and memories. Your translation all very true to yourself and each word is filled with your feeling to the item. it’s vivid. I would like to see it to be an actual printed version.

  3. Hannah!
    This is an ambitious publication! I very much enjoyed your response; how you entwined the multiple viewpoints (your mother and brother) they add interesting narratives/perspectives to the objects. The format of the book is great too.

    How can you typographically distinguish or identify these different voices? The use of italics? A change of typeface? As you are exploring text setting within books, I encourage you to consider how to refine the typographical design and approach; consider line length, leading and hierarchy. How can you fully refine and realise the ambition and potential of this idea?

    Are you familiar with JEAN BOÎTE ÉDITIONS? They do fantastic publications, have a look at how they approach and present their publications:

    Consider the double page spread — each of your pages act as separate pages — in isolation — designing as a double page spread may assist you in creating variety in layout, pace and atmosphere.

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