4 thoughts on “Catalogue week 02 – Adam Lin”

  1. This is so interesting, my favourite translation is the dog’s vision, it relates so well with the subjects and I don’t think I’ve ever seen imagery from the perspective of an animal. I also think all the data you’ve extracted from the images such as is a good angle to translate the photographs.

    I like the continuation of the design from week 1 keeps it all lovely and coherent.
    I think to develop it further you could potentially look at dogs sight more and could translate what they see when the image is taken, as you’ve gotten live subjects you could play on this idea of the persepective of the objects.

  2. Hello Adam,

    I really like the way you tell the story and explain the publication in the second page. I think that it gives a very unique touch to the publication overall.

    The methods you used to translate the three different pictures are very creative, especially the dog’s vision one, as it connects perfectly to the theme of the publication. The layout is clear, allowing the reader to easily distinguish which methods of translation you used. Also, the process shows you experimented with many different ways of translating the pictures.

    It think that it could be interesting to select some of your preferred translation outcomes and merge them together to see what new perception of each image you would achieve.

    I really enjoyed reading your work 🙂

  3. Hi Adam! Very creative ways of translating the objects, publication is very easy to understand and clean. Descriptions were very easy to understand and it was an easy fun read. I also liked how it really linked with your week 1’s layout, super coherent.

    It woud be interesting to see how you could play around with the way you combine the different types of translation together, find similarities within each instead of it being separate. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is a great continuation and development of last weeks publication. It is interesting see each translation applied to each chosen photograph on the spreads. The translations themselves are a good investigation and show good variation. I think the most interesting ones are when it is more than just manipulating the images through photoshop: including breaking the images down to the outfits, colour palette, digital location, written descriptions and dog vision ( could this be developed further?).

    You could consider adjusting the order of the pages so the translations are in sections or chapters where the translations relate to each other. It there scope for combining some of the translations together.

    Also good see some of your process, although it would have been better to see more.

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