3 thoughts on “WEEK 2 | CATALOGUE | GYURI KIM”

  1. Good to see some of your process work again this and good that you also added some research.

    There are some good images produced, the use of written description is also good and I like how the texture of the objects are represented. It seems that there are not the minimum of 12 translations of 3 chosen objects presented though?

    The white space dominates your publication and again due to the size of the pages it is hard to see in detail

  2. Hey Gyuri,
    Really like the way you’ve translated the objects it has a strong style throughout all the different outcomes that matches well with the way you’ve laid them out on the page. It could definitely benefit from increasing the size of the photos as they are quite small, you could find a size that still balances the nice negative space style you have going on but that also fills the page better.
    The use of rubbings is a lovely way to represent your items, it could be good to add in some pencil sketches of the objects as well as another translation if you wanted to, it would still fit with your layout nicely too.
    Since the white space is very important to your publication and I’m taking that you’re laying this out like a book, it would be good to try and do a page turning pdf so that its easier to interpret your publication in the way I think you want it to look like. ( https://www.smallbusinessbonfire.com/create-page-turning-pdf/ something like this)

  3. I like that you made this publication cohesive, but the size is a it small and it’s hard to see clearly.
    Even though, the quality of photographes is great! Love how you played with the light and shadows.

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