3 thoughts on “Catalogue | week Two |Miao Su”

  1. Hi Miao,

    Very profound translation. Looks like you really interrogated the items from all the viewpoints. (well done on 3d modeling) The format reads well and coherently. I like that everything has a note and it’s clear.
    The layout could be more uniform.

  2. Miao! A thoughtful and meandering interrogation into your objects, that ranges from the scientific to the poetic. Scientific in terms of the 3D modeling, code and shape. Poetic in terms of the memories that these objects highlight; holidays, friends and important times in your life. Your publication feels very personal and reveals the way you see and think about the world.
    The interrogation of the iPhone is wonderful; robust and systematic and then at the end the memory — a watercolour! The total opposite of the other translations of the phone, it has emotion and place. The iPhone translation has a great balance to it. As does the pencil to an extent, the football shirt becomes more of an avenue into memory and emotion? What is the right balance between those approaches or emotions?

    I would be interested to read your reflections on this task, did you enjoy it? Why? Did you not enjoy it? Why? Which modes of translation did you find the most interesting?

    Miao — a great exploration, and I look forward to seeing how you react/respond to ‘Curate’!

  3. Hi Miao, apologies for my late comment, lost complete track of time!

    Your publication is wonderful – it’s both personal and informative. Your 3D modelling is very impressive, giving life to your objects by showing them from all perspectives, but by also including the memories you associate with them, as well as how you use them (the photo of your hand using the pencil).
    Well done 🙂 (ps. sorry to hear your friend is a Man U fan haha)

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