PUTHIMART//What If Carravagio was a Straw Lemur?: 12 ways to translate 3 continentally diverse objects

My 3 objects were influenced by week 1’s feedback that mentioned making it have a international theme, especially in times where you are stuck at home. I decided to split the objects continentally and pick the one i felt I was most suited with. The 12 translations include stuff mentioned on the brief along with my own ideas as well including making it into a meme or exercise move. 

The 12 translation processes done to each object includes: Biological Classification, Weight and size, Colour pallet fabrication, an ‘anatomy’ diagram, speculating how its been produced, multi angle photography, story writing, meme making, Making it an exercise move, A low cost cosplay, alternative uses and making it into “art”

Here is my process log for week 2, it might help with the outcome’s context if you read it first.


In terms of presenting the outcome, I wanted to show it as something that worked seperately and as a big image, being influenced by Alchemy and Ancient Egyptian illustrations, and so I decided to use a Concertina fold on a piece of A3 paper, splitting it up into 12 divisions. One for each “translation”. . I’ve found that my ideas develop as I work on my outcome so I will link them in chronological order.







hope you guys enjoy my memes

3 thoughts on “PUTHIMART//What If Carravagio was a Straw Lemur?: 12 ways to translate 3 continentally diverse objects”

  1. I found the illustrations really entertaining and informative, it fits well with humour in what you decided to translate your 12 objects into. The guy in the Lemur cosplay made my day. I haven’t anything to say about how you could improve your work. how would you distribute a folded A3 poster? Is the poser going to have a front and back cover when folded?

  2. Great to see your process which clearly shows your thinking and some interesting related research. The idea of choosing 3 objects to represent 3 different continents was very good.

    The individual documents of the translation are very good, the translations them selves are very interesting and really entertaining. The illustrations used are good, the person as a Lemur was great and “What if Caravaggio was a straw Lemur” made me laugh! Could you do an artist for each of the other two objects?

    The overall design of these documents is very simple and this could possibly be developed.

    I think the main thing you could consider to improve the project is how could these be combined into one publication. If you have the same translations for each object could these be on the same spreads for comparison or do you want a chapter of reach object?

  3. Love love love this! I understand why it took you a bit longer and believe it was 100% worth it.
    I really like your illustration style, cool and effective, and your choice of colours.
    I would disagree with Gary by seeing I enjoy the simple layout, and the focus on text, size, and such. It is strong even if not super intricate. A lot of research has gone into this, I can tell, and I’m glad to learn more about animals and culture. I think this would make a great publication and I’m intrigued on how you would print it.
    There’s also a real sense of fun in your work that is extremely pleasant. It feels technical and “professional”, yet really amusing. Always love a good meme, cosplay, or Carravagio recreation. I feel like you had fun while doing it, and it’s enjoyable as a reader. Your translations are original yet appropriate (as in, they make sense for your choice of items, especially as they change for each of them). The only thing that could be improved would be the photographies, not as neat as the rest of the layout, with the angled-background.

    This is great work. Good design, good concept, lots of laugh.
    Maybe don’t set your standards too high so you can hand-in on time?
    Next week is the open studio so you won’t really be able to be late.

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