2 thoughts on “Luke Davies – Week 3”

  1. It’s really innovative and exciting by seeing you using c4d to create a virtual gallery exhibition and how you changing yourself out of comfort zone. I really appreciate your work. You’ve created a new experience for audiences. It’s also very clear as you classified these items in category. I can see a strong narrative of you and the items. In the future, I feel it would be interesting to have a more surreal design to your exhibition since you can create anything in the computer. For instance, I’m thinking these scuba diving kits could be designed to display underwater or the place you’ve been trained at.
    Maybe it’s not too relevant to what you doing at the moment but your skills reminds me of Teamlab (https://www.teamlab.art/w/) They mainly focus on designing interactive digital work.

  2. I’m impressed with how you did something so finished in three days. Bravo! Your gallery seems to exist for real. For the future, I advise you to keep this format but maybe push the way you arrange the objects, you can superimpose some of them, hang them? I think you have the basis of your exhibition but you can push the details further, like a presentation poster. Try to play with the lights for each category 🙂 You can look at the work of https://www.atelier-lumieres.com

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