Information and Systems final

Brief notes:

Objects on my desk:

Started making a “measuring tape” using the actual size of the 26 Objects located on my desk.

What’s next??

Made some illustrations trying to represent the objects and what kind of thoughts and emotions are related to them.

The next Task! Swap 13 objects, LETS GO!

The list of the objects:

The illustrated cards:

Using the ranking applied on an actual card playing deck. I used the numbers to classify the objects applying importance and how much Emotional attachment there is to them. for example the Blanket has been my go to object to use during the day to stay comfortable so it’s rank is high, an 8.

Decided to make an actual game using these cards, to pass the time during quarantine!

This is how it looks:

Using the feedback I modified the rules of the card game to make it easier:

For who wishes to play this game feel free to screenshot the dice and cards 😉

One thought on “Information and Systems final”

  1. Such a clever idea to develop you objects into an interactive system consisting of playing cards to pass the time. I love the detailed line art of your illustrations. You can clearly see how much effort you put into each one! Maybe the instructions could be developed a little more as they are a bit complicated? But I love the overall aesthetic. You could even colour code the cards like you did with the tape. Also p.s I hope you give your cute plant more love 🙂

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