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  1. Hello Amanda!
    Your process work is really impressive, we can see that you explored various ideas.
    I like that you went for the one that was enhancing previous weeks’ propositions, though the exhibition on your window was quite funny! Too bad it didn’t work.
    The final outcome is super nice and playful. The animation works well (I like the objects “ringing” before moving) and the concept is I think relatable to all of us right now. Nice cut out work – having your floor as a common background for your map could have been fun though!
    I wish we could get more info on the objects? They’re a bit tiny and if some of them are rather obvious, other are more mysterious to me. Maybe working horizontally would have allowed the images to be bigger? And then you could have put the “before” before the “during”. Having it below feels somehow strange.
    Having a clock also could have given us a sense of the time and the recurrence of your actions within one day (as I find my own activities to be quite repetitive, sleep to food to work to food to internet to food to sleep).
    Overall I truly enjoy this! Thank you for making it short and efficient as it is more pleasant to watch!
    I hope you keep working on it and maybe make the design more intricate (taking elements from your blog post?) with nice fonts and layout.

  2. Great piece of design processing! I can really understand your outcome due to knowing how you got there. I really liked the exhibition idea from your window, even though you said it didn’t work, it was still a really nice concept! Also the digital idea was really cool and i think would look amazing if developed.
    Your final outcome idea is great. i love the objects you’ve chosen, they’re all very unique but relatable at the same time- objects that have a homey feel to them. i think maybe making the layout landscape so we could see the objects clearer, as some of them are hard to understand what they are at first. you could try and make the blueprints a little less harsh, by making the lines thinner just so the objects stand out more.
    other than that, i love the animation, such a strong idea and the process work is really helpful!

  3. Wow! This is a really original way of thinking of your objects. A lot of people from what i’ve seen (including myself) have been doing location organisation quite statically, but your way of looking at it is through movement which actually makes more sense when its put in front of you. I like that we can see how much more active the objects were before the coronavirus hit, how your outdoor items such as the beanie and trainers are entering and exiting your house, unlike now where they aren’t moving as much and when they do they go back and forth between the 2 same rooms. I think it’s really interesting and can almost be looked at as a kind of diary. Within your process work I also liked the idea of an exhibition for your neighbours through the window, I definitely think this could have been successful too had there been maybe some large signs to go with it? You could also project your animation for your neighbours if you had a projector! But yeah, I can’t think of any improvements, I really like it!

  4. This is such a unique and distinctive way to present all your objects and how they move around within your house. It’s also evident that you did consider other presentation methods as mentioned in your process log. I can see how their concepts have seeped into your outcome; the floor plan in a way is a form of surveillance, exhibiting what goes on within your home to other people outside (who are also stuck at home)-which is honestly quite an effective form of presenting these, since they are items you use daily and so having a floor plan to track them makes the details even more thorough. It would be interesting if you had a lines of “code” running along with the animation but rather than actual code they were things like “switch moved from x to y” or details on what you did with each object at what time. There is definitely a clear connection between this one and the quadrants you made in week 1 showing dynamic and static objects. Each of your outcomes are really diverse in their own way, I look forward to seeing your work in the open studio!!
    Also the animation’s movement and your floor plan reminds me a lot of Pacman (the game)!.

  5. I like the way you exhibit your objects. That’s special and clearly indicate how everything changed during the quarantine time. This is a good observation since you use floor plan map and we could easily get your concept. Maybe you could edit the video to divide into two episodes so audiences could watch them separately. Since while I am watching “During covid19” I can’t pay attention on the other at the same time, then maybe that will increase difficulty to tell the change. Above all, I really like your animation idea which is so creative and fun!

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