converge: my s(h)elf identity

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Curating an exhibition in terms of organizing data using categories suchas location and time, S(h)elf Identity explores the nostalgic value of objects in the form of gifts from whom they are connected, to the memories connected to them. This exhibition is a collection of myself in an interactive format, showcasing the things I am interested in. 

The cubes in the shelf can be clicked to reveal hidden categories, in which each object can also be clicked, taking the viewer to a more in-depth look at the items on display. Created using Adobe XD I

week 4 process


journey map

4 thoughts on “converge: my s(h)elf identity”

  1. Hi, Megan!
    It is such a lovely process that shows how much you planned and how many ideas you had. It would be nicer if you showed more of a visual outcome. I am really curious about how your work is presented. I like the map you drew which shows what you have gone through for the last 4 weeks. It is organised really well for visual communication. 🙂

  2. Hi Megan,
    It is evident that a lot of thought, time and effort has gone into your final outcome; scrolling and clicking through the timeline reveals your identity, through the relationship between the objects, your family, the places you have traveled and memories associated with these. It highlights what you value and care about, and the aptly titled ‘S(h)elf Identity’ is a great dual functioning title.
    There has been a consistent approach to the outcomes that you have produced to date, a strong stylistic theme underpins these (the use of colour, lighting and image treatment). It would have been great to have had the opportunity to speak with you during the BlackBoard Collaborate sessions, so we could have discussed your ideas over the course of the project. Exciting times ahead!

  3. I m very enjoy your work process, it is very interesting and detailed. The way of interaction and the whole style is as impressive as ever~

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