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for this week’s final task, I decided to expand my work from last brief (curate), that was an exhibition leaflet, into a website. you can access it here(and should do so on a computer, with not too small of a window.)

the content remains the same but allows a digital interactiveness with the viewer/user that suits our current off-life situation.

i also added some recordings of the testimonies read by artificial voices. in the future, i’d like to be able to tape actual people, from different countries and ages, to match the fictional characters and stories i’ve written.

screenshots of the website

+ access the map of my journey here

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  1. Hi Lili, I hope you’re well!
    I can’t even tell you have amazing this is, my mum and I looked through it together finding humour, solace and empathy in all the stories. It is so important that we are able to voice our experiences without fear of judgement and your work does exactly that.
    The colours and type are really nice and have a personal feel which really fits the context.
    I think this idea has such potential in a wider sense as a learning tool especially for children as well as adults, I could totally see this as a conversation starter for family and friends to discuss and open up their own experiences and bridge the gap between everyday topics and those which need discussing which is amazing.
    Maybe if you wanted to take it further even more interaction may be interesting using little bits of animation perhaps or even making the soundbites more visual. This would also translate so well onto social media as the stories are short and the messages are huge maybe that could be a platform to explore it on if you were interested.
    Wonderful, wonderful work!
    Jasmine 🙂

  2. Hi lili, I quite like your collection of items as a evidence of people live in the world, it looks personal in first glance but when audiences discover deeper, they can find more metaphor for the problems in society, your website is amazing, like a holistic system with a lots of experiences and stories with audios based on each item or people, maybe you could add a part of work you did in catalogue project, that was a very nice project in visual, also your personal stories in “Collect” is quite interesting, you could create space for that. Thank you give me advice for the website, I’ll make it better.

  3. You’ve produced beautiful pieces of work every week, which i have found incredibly hard to give you feedback on! This is no different. I love how you’ve made it interactive, this idea that you can look at these illustrations up close and then reveal the message underneath is a great metaphor for objects with hidden meanings.
    You’ve adapted to working online really well and this is another example of this, the brochure is amazing but creating an online presence for it as well allows us too see your outcome as it is.
    The colour scheme, although very minimal, works really nicely, it allows us to focus on the writing and the illustrations more deeply.
    The voice notes are a great idea, and i think would create such a powerful and emotional response if they were peoples voices from around the world, i agree!
    This piece of work has a greater message in the sense that it speaks power, these stories resonate with people, including myself. You’ve created an educational piece of work, from the collection of random objects found around your house! This is a strong piece of work and a great piece of design!

  4. Hi Lili! another week, another amazing outcome – I’m so impressed that you took this task to the next level by making an actual interactive website rather than just a mock-up one. It definitely resembles a professional exhibition but digital. It is also clear that you took multiple iterations to create the final outcome, which is important in order to achieve the best possible result. This website format along with the addition of voice recordings makes the objects and stories a lot more personal and easier to resonate with because it allows viewers to focus on each object individually – with each item having its own page, they do not ‘compete’ for attention with each other. Presenting the illustrations bigger and having multiple copies is very effective. Having the name of the item in the blue type and the play button in the same blue colour gives the website a strong sense of cohesion and theme. I also like that you mention the name and age of each person twice – this really reminded me that although the items are very ordinary and might not mean much to myself, they are very important and special pieces of items to the subjects. You created such amazing work throughout the weeks and you always leave me in awe and so inspired, lucky me to have a groupmate like you!

  5. Your consistently amazing outcomes week on week have made it so difficult to give you improvements in your feedback! But that’s a credit to your design skills. I love that you continued with the same outcome from last week because although i’ve liked them all that was my favourite. As Laura mentioned, I think the vulnerability shown in your work links really well with how you’ve chosen to tell the stories (through the hand writing), and the fact we’ve had such a short amount of time to produce things there always seems to be so much thought that has gone into each outcome. I think this would work really well as a way of people connecting through experiences and if you havent seen their work already I would recommend looking at an instagram called @werenotreallystrangers . They focus on storytelling and how beautiful vulnerability can be between people, whether its family, friends or strangers. Your work reminds me of their page! Other than that, it’s been a pleasure looking through your work each week and hopefully i’ll get to see more of it next year! 🙂

  6. Very well done Lili, a great development of your work. The simple aesthetic and colour palette of the website matches the work from last week really well.

    The website functions very well and makes the stories more accessible. The addition of the recorded voices adds a lot to the website and as you said if you could record voices of real people it could be even stronger. It depends whether you want it to be considered fictional or not. These fictional stories you created are very interesting and contain powerful messages.

    The map of your unit is very effective showing the keys steps through your work, overall. It has been a pleasure to see your work every well.

  7. Hey Lilli, THIS IS AMAZING!!! The website is actually a really effective presentation method, there are lot’s of interactive aspects to it which makes the viewer wanting to engage more. Your decision to add voice recordings makes it more visceral, it feel as if these characters are all real people, each of them representing societal commentary. The webpage’s layout is simplistic and has multiple ways of navigating through the 26 objects (either hovering over their images or looking at the menu on the left) which is good as it does not feel too “imposed” from the viewers perspective. They have the same amount of liberty (or even more) in switching between observing the objects, thus making it really effective. Throughout the 4 weeks your outcomes have been amazing I know you’re gonna ace the assessments!! It has been a great pleasure being in the same mini group as you. Keep it up, sis!!
    PS: You’re absolutely right about how this platform is suitable for today’s situation.

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