Final-ish Converge Outcome

Here is the final draft for my final video. I re-filmed it following the really useful feedback. I need to add some sound and alter some colours I was wondering if you had any suggestions?

Process Map:


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  1. Hello Jasmine. This a great work. There is something really soft and soothing in your aesthetic, with the baby blue, the white blouse, the slowness.
    I think music would definitely improve this even more, I’m sure you’ll make a wise choice.
    Your shots are always interesting and good-looking, no matter the angle, and I love the superposition of them, with the transparency, the hands almost touching. Actually, love the close-ups of the hands. Love hands, and gesture, and card manipulation. Good play around sharpness and blur as well.
    Having this (fake?) focus effect with the darker borders also gives a mysteriousness to it all.
    From your previous posts, I feel like you’ve done the illustrations yourself? If it’s the case, the cards look amazing, and that must have been a LOT of work. It’d be really nice to exhibit the cards (or scans of the cards, or pictures of the cards) next to the video so we can have a closer look.

    My only negative feedback (but it’s a small one) is that the video might be a bit long. People have short attention span nowadays and I’m not sure they’ll watch the whole thing, especially as it is more contemplative, with no real narrative.
    I think having a 100-word caption would also help to understand the meaning (if there’s one, doesn’t have to have one) of your work. Is this the reading of someone life, with all the meaningful steps? Or is this a way of showing the cards themselves, and the manipulation is randoom?

    I can’t wait to know more about it, and to see more of your creations. Go and be an amazing female director!

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating the aesthetic and the thought that went into it it definitely was intentional! It’s so lovely to have you pick up on all the things I really considered carefully like the hands, angles, layering etc so thank you again 🙂
      I did illustrate them myself it did take a while, you’re completely right I want to create a little book perhaps with some meanings for each card.
      I couldn’t agree more, I actually meant to ask that question as well in my post but forgot – I’ve cut it down by a minute now which makes it much easier to deal with.
      I’ll definitely add a 100 word description so people understand whats going on!
      Thank you so much for the great feedback and support!
      Jasmine 🙂

  2. Hello Jasmine,

    I saw the final video with the added sounds on the channel and I think that it is a really great outcome.

    The pace of the video is really good, as it allows the audience to clearly see each individual card and the sounds of the birds in the background give me a feeling of calmness, which in my opinion connects really well with the smooth gestures used to move the cards.

    I think that by using the same colours for all of the cards and adding a caption makes them look even more professional. Also, showing these individually on a separate PDF was a very good idea, as it allowed me to appreciate even more the details of the illustrations.

    Overall, great work. I really enjoyed seeing all of the different outcome designs that you presented over the past weeks 🙂

  3. Hi Jasmine!
    Very interesting to see your development during the whole 4 weeks. The light blue aesthetic transitions really well from week 1, a more investigative feel versus your final which is more dreamy. Taps in well with the aspect of predictions and uncertainties 🙂

    I also really like how you’ve carried on the film aspect to it, the slight blurriness and the background ambience really helps ties in the calming aspect you’re trying to induce, contrary to your subject being about anxiety. A nice balance.

    I wish I could see a display of the cards more clearly! But overall, great work and it really shows your coherency and experimentation within this block 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!
      Your feedback has been so helpful, I put the cards on the arena and have now put a link to them on here if you still wanted to see them!
      Thank you again!

  4. The video is much improved from last week, it has a nice gentle aesthetic and the limited colour palette, filters and layering effect creates a really great atmosphere. It does need sound, could this be a voice over describing the work or theme? Also, you do not show the cards clearly enough in the video which is a shame as they are visually strong but we do not get to appreciate them properly in the film.

    You were meant to load some process work and a process map for the unit??

    Overall well done Jasmine, some really interesting outcomes for this unit.

  5. Hi Gary,
    Thank you for the feedback, I posted my final video with sound on arena as I used feedback from my post on Thursday so I also shortened it. I’m a bit confused was I suppose to post it all on here on Monday too?
    Also in regards to the process map and cards I included links above did they not work?
    Thank You

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