3 thoughts on “George Macland W4”

  1. Hey George.
    Cool outcome. Congrats for not suffering the impostor syndrome.
    This work is definitely enough.
    Yes, it is simple, but it is efficient.
    I really like your layout and you work of superposition. (Last page: divine) Good colour palette, and editing of the objects. Real clean cut-out work.
    There’s this nice chaotic energy, that reflects the idea of mess really well, just as the elements scattered around the page do. Your descriptions of the objects are just between personal and extremely blasé and dispassionate, which makes them funny. Good job for making me laugh with a clip.
    I’d buy this publication. Please do print it on nice paper if you ever can.
    Also, even your reflection looks cool. You overall seem like a cool guy.

  2. George!
    I very much like the typographic approach to the cover; mixing a script font with a monospace digital font is exciting, with a satisfying mix of contrasting elements: large, centred, title case, script v’s scattered, small, lowercase sans serif. It is a shame that the script typeface does not appear anywhere else in the publication, how could have you used it? As titles? Or additional narratives? Is this a publication? Or posters? If it is a publication you have not dealt with the double page spread — how could you explore this? George — this has promise, potential and potency! But it needs a little more refining, finessing and resolving > think about format, think about the viewer/audience, think about how best you can communicate/articulate/express your ideas. There is some much to like, but I feel it needs a bit more time and focus. Time & focus! They are the key words to assist you moving forward. More time and more focus > and I am sure it will fall into place. Exciting times George!

  3. The choice of typography is really effective and the messy code on page 3 and page 4 visualized your concept of mess in your room. I think it’s very powerful and visually engaging. The list of your items on the second last page along with your own description looks very interesting and has a sort of narrative with it. The way you organised your items in the relevant proportion with each other and a kind of messy feeling worked really well to refer back your title. It’s a very cool publication.

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