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I quite like my collect and catalogue projects, I decided to make a website for those three weekly project I’ve done as a combinational system.

Every task have different meaning to me, collect represents me In a outline or summary way, Catalogue is just like my personal stories and hobbies. Curate is the lockdown life, every day the weather are different when I look the outside world from my window.

4 thoughts on “Converge | Miao Su”

  1. Hello Miao! Really nice website. I particularly enjoy the 3D objects at the top of the page. Smart flowing design. I like that you managed you combined quite a lot of previous elements, though I’m sad not to see the exhibition on the window, that was really playful – I saw you included the pdf though.
    Your scanned pictures are really strong, especially with the vertical pattern – don’t know if it comes from the scanner or from the editing.
    To have a more consistent layout I’d suggest to put the introduction of Collect on top of the pictures, and not as one of them, as it is easy to miss. More like the Catalogue introduction. But maybe use a bolder/bigger font? To create a hierarchy between the title and the explanations.
    I feel like the Catalogue posts look too much like a blog, or something out of your aesthetic, because of the use of stock images. I believe you should use your own pictures, even the scanned ones if you don’t have any other.
    The animations at the bottom of the page are really cool. Maybe introducing them with a sentence or a title would help people engage with it?

    This is a super full and reflected work. I hope people will be curious and get to discover all that it offers.

  2. Miao! The website is great! A wonderful convergence of all of your explorations and ideas. Well done! The animated 3D objects/items adrift in a celestial void is inspired — they become artifacts that represent the lockdown and the time of COVID—19. The various ideas, approaches and elements are all brought together here, however, it would have been interesting to read more about your thoughts, insights and observations. What the objects meant to your, why your interest in the solar system for example? Or your relationship to food. All of the objects in your Curate outcome are core day-to-day things, and allude at wider considerations, but it would have been interesting to hear your take on them.
    Great work Miao — thanks for all your efforts.

  3. Miao, really nice how you implemented the feedback from the last week and included some of your 3d renderings into the final outcome. Your work looks more uniform and adhesive now. It works very well with the scanned images and has this digitally processed look.

  4. This project is really great, and I really like it. It’s really cool. I’m really looking forward to the last video being a little longer. I don’t think I’ve watched enough. I wonder what will happen to this phone in the end

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