3 thoughts on “Freya Kirk / Converge”

  1. Freya!
    Your journey through this project has yielded lots of avenues of thought, you really have fully engaged with the object and idea of the ‘sock’! From the first publication to your final outcome you have been focused, engaged and committed. The final outcome — the idea, website and campaign feels a logical conclusion to your explorations. Bringing social responsibility into your idea brings it all together, it feels a coherent, consistent and very feasible campaign. You have taken a novel idea, and common problem of the odd sock and reimagined it into a worthwhile campaign. The imagery, copywriting and design are solid! I like the black and white scanned sock imagery, but when you see them in colour it really pops! And bring colour and life to the campaign!
    Well done Freya!

  2. Cool how this became a *partnership* project. I also love the random elector feature – that’s if you like solo traveler socks) This is an unexpected departure from your previous iterations. The look and feel of the website is very unified, given the oddness of the subject and its different colorways, I think you’ve chosen the right path. Well done!

  3. It’s a great idea, and I think you can also get a model to take a picture of these socks to show the asymmetrical beauty, and maybe people will be more interested in these socks after seeing this interesting set of pictures

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