Week 4 Converge by Shin

100 words explanation

With my mother’s letter, I curated my life into a 30-second video. I tried to keep the final outcome personal to match my theme of reminiscing, memories, and written time. I think a letter is one of the most personal of all writings. Especially, the contents of hand-written letters are only shared within a writer and a recipient. So I used a part of my mother’s letter to edit the video as if she reminisced her kid’s life while writing it. This is not yet a complete version, and my final goal is to make up for the less legible part because the typing speed is too fast. To complete the video without an incomprehensible part, I will need to lengthen the video and use the full letter.

I had some difficulties controlling the key-frames and animating typing motions. πŸ™ I’ll improve it by the end of this project!

2 thoughts on “Week 4 Converge by Shin”

  1. Shin!
    An emotional journey! Each of the outcomes you have produced has an emotional quality, a personal journey account of your travels, your past and your relationships with friends and family. The final outcome is a video that brings your mother’s perspective into view, previous outcomes were from your perspective so it’s nice to have this different viewpoint. However, I wonder if your viewpoint needs to be surfaced too? That is not to say that you need to make any amends, it just made me want to revisit your previous outcomes to hear/see your perspective β€” you mention this though in your reflection.
    You have moved through various media and mediums which is great to see. Exciting work Shin! Thank you!

  2. Very sweet and personal journey. I loved the way you combined videos and images together which looked more vivid and solid. I can see a connection throughout the 4 weeks. The typing sound reveals each letter of your words effectively and how you used your mother’s perspective and friends’ viewpoint made your content really rich and touching.

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