Week 4 Final outcome& process documentation


Process Documentation


One thought on “Week 4 Final outcome& process documentation”

  1. It seems like a natural progression to make another version of the book you produced last week but looking at it from a different perspective. I do think the book last week was more successful though. This is mainly due to taking existing objects into a created mini world.
    The opposite approach you tried this week did not work as well, mainly because the objects themselves do not exist. For example the mini comb just looks like a comb in the picture, mini apple and mini banana???

    Maybe the two ideas could have been combined into one book, or you could have developed the book you showed last week further. It could either be more like a children’s book or more like a manual. At the moment it is a bit in between.

    Your process work makes it look like you produced both books this week when you showed the first mini world one last week

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