2 thoughts on “Week 4 CONVERGE”

  1. Pilar!

    Great work, your reflective statement / map is honest, thoughtful and real. I think that we have all struggled to locate how best we work in these times of lockdown and global uncertainty. I feel that you have produced some meaningful and engaged work, so I would not beat yourself up about anything!
    I very much enjoyed your interactive poster, the rollover reveal is great — it surfaces your thoughts, feelings and reflections on the object. The separation between objects you frequently touch and those you no longer touch due to lock down, is wonderful and very relatable. I did notice, however, that some objects did not have a textual rollover state (earrings, lip balm, oil) and that the trainers had the wrong text.
    This outcome feels resolved, and a great document of these times, and will be interesting to look back on in 10years time!

  2. I really like your concept and it is very interesting to discuss personal items. They represent your choice of life now. From the reflection map, I can see that you have done so many experiments and thoughts. Maybe you could try to combine the stories behind the items and how their frequency of use is different from daily life, and what feelings can these differences bring, etc.

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