This project recorded my experience of me returning to china from the UK during the COVID-19 epidemic. After been through three countries; UK. Sweden, China. I finally got home after 28 days since I left the UK, totally spending 28 days in a hotel and hospital. I recorded my life during this period to time as I think this is an unforgettable experience in my life

2 thoughts on “WEEK 4 – FINAL OUTCOME”

  1. Ken!
    What a journey. A unique experience that could have only occurred in these crazy times, and something that you will never forget. The publication acts as a document, a record and evidence of your journey through 3 countries, hotels and hospitals. I hope that you are well now? The publication, however, does end rather abruptly, almost without an ending — are you better? How do you feel about the whole ordeal? There could have been more a sense of closure, of an end. Yet I realise that the end has not occurred yet — as it’s still happening!
    Considering what you have been through the publication is testament to you, your resilience, your strength and your resolve. Serious respect to you Ken.

  2. Your 28-day experience completely shocked me, and I express deep sympathy. I really like this concept, it is impressive and unique. The design of the cover is a vivid and clear expression of the hardship of the journey. I also like the visual of the number of times the item is used. Maybe you can further think about how this special experience gives you how it feels and what impact it has on you. Take care~

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