week 5-Exhibit. Lisa


My outcome is a short video about memories and time. I decided to focus on Curate week. After looking through the house for objects. I came up with an idea of showing old and new objects. As at the moment I am in my grandparents country house, which is full of history and memories. At the begging, I had many ideas of how I could exhibit my project. My main idea was to photograph the objects outside in the field, But it was raining all the time. Even though, I am pleased with my outcome. It is simple and easy to understand the meaning.




week 3 curate LISA

For this week project, I decided to focus on old and new objects. I wanted to to show how time flies and how quickly objects are evolving.

The first objects are those that were used by our parents when they were young, and others are what we are using noway days.


First of all I decided that I will focus on Time and Cathegory.

  • Art objects
  • Body objects (cloth)
  • books

At the beginning I wanted to make an exhibition outside, on a field, on a table in a garage. But, it was raining for 3-4 days in a row.

So, I decided to make a video that would be placed in an exhibition in a museum.

26 oldest objects in the house. Lisa

For this project, I decided to choose 26 oldest and historically valuable in the house. I thought that it would be interesting to see what objects represent our house.

From the LATCH structure I decided to organise all objects into categories like, toys, decorations, clothes, etc…

(I was planning to upload an interactive booklet, but I didn’t understand how)