Final-ish Converge Outcome

Here is the final draft for my final video. I re-filmed it following the really useful feedback. I need to add some sound and alter some colours I was wondering if you had any suggestions?

Process Map:


Week 3

Here is a really rough edit of the sort of idea I was going for. The illustrations took much longer than I thought so I missed out 3 so I could still submit some work. I was a bit over ambitious for the timescale.

The idea is that most of the items I have are cards and I thought about how these cards of our lives could be made into playing cards. This also takes into account the theme of anonymity as some cards are hidden in card games. Ideally I would want to exhibit it as a mock up casino but I don’t have those things at home haha.

I’m not happy with the outcome so far and there are lots of things I need to add and change but I still wanted to show some work./

  • add sounds and audio
  • make the editing smoother and more consistent
  • make the colours more consistent


Week 2 – Jasmine Key

Here is the publication, I chose to make a video that displays my work as a slideshow, there is a little bit of sounds too.

I also have a made a key for the different types of experimentation both visually and with data.