Week 4 – Converge – Susanna Aurora Montaner Messori

For this final task, I decided to continue working on my idea from last week and develop it further, as I was interested in the concept of rediscovering ‘lost’ memories associated to the different objects I selected.

Whilst my project for week 3 was the creation of a ‘photo album’ including postcards on which I hand wrote my memories associated to the 26 items photographed, for this week’s project I decided to transform that album into a ‘family edition’ version. Since some objects represented moments in which my family members were present too, I thought it would be interesting to see what feelings, emotions and thoughts they remembered based on these objects; gaining a new, fresh perspective.

To do this, though, I decided to select only 7 objects, which to me were the most significant ones.

This project not only allowed me to give a new meaning to all of the individual objects, to an extent, but it also made me become aware of multiple memories and emotions my family members associated with these, which before I was unaware of, either because I had forgotten about parts of those moments or because we had never talked about these events in such detail after so much time since they took place.

Instead of only using postcard designs for each memory, I used different formats that best expressed the method in which each individual family member portrayed them.


Memories are a curious set of information that automatically get ‘stored’ within us. They can depict a moment in time, an experience, a feeling.

This final exhibition explores this idea of memories and how these can be translated in different ways from individual to individual. The ‘album’ shown includes a collection of memories from six individuals, who all responded to the same stimuli (images of objects) that reminded them of moments lived together. Although each recollection is personal and unique, when looking at them together links can be made, bringing these different perspectives together to make the audience gain a clearer picture of that moment being explored as a whole.

WEEK 4 – CONVERGE – FINAL EXHIBITION: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uRS6y-YLowu1f138aqBZ-vQRpWRRSuy6/view?usp=sharing

The following PDF shows the map of my journey during this platform.


The following PDF includes some of the pages from my sketchbook to show the overall process I went through to get to the final outcome for this week’s task.


Week 3 – Curate – Susanna Aurora Montaner Messori

For this week’s task I decided to make 26 different postcards that I then presented in a ‘photo book’. These regard each individual item, showing their picture at the front and their associated memory at the back. I realised that all of the objects I chose bring back good memories of moments I lived, therefore I thought that postcards would be a good way to express this, as when I buy one and look at it after some time I almost get transported back to that place or event. This concept links to the outcome publication I made for the task in week 1, which was based on ‘lost memories’.

WEEK 3 – CURATE – EXHIBITION: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bxyTzaXZ3Bx2iUQ5LlRXkAV6kIoOJmNw/view?usp=sharing

I decided to colour code the different postcards to divide them by category and I also created different stamps for each country the objects come from to categorise them by location too. The postcards are shown in chronological order in the ‘photo album’.

If I would have had access to the necessary materials and printing services I would have liked to print each postcard individually and present them inside of a box, as this would allow people to randomly pick one and read it, engaging even more with the work.

The following link shows some of my sketchbook process pages.

WEEK 3 – CURATE – SKETCHBOOK PROCESS PAGES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WWuVmFYf-5BwKpC-SLTh1gsAG5jvVtYZ/view?usp=sharing

Week 2 – Catalogue – Susanna Aurora Montaner Messori

Front & back cover of the book

For this week’s task I decided to present my publication in the format of a manual/book. I thought this was the most appropriate format, based on how I decided to present the different translations of the 3 objects I chose.

The printed size would be of an A5, as I want to communicate this publication almost as being a pocket book that you could bring around with you when you walk around the city, being able to read it to catalogue and translate objects as you go.

WEEK 2 – CATALOGUE – PUBLICATION: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XaSebrTCweofbVuEjj-Ygcczp2VV-ZjJ/view?usp=sharing

The following link shows the same publication as the link above, but this one can be seen as spreads, to get a better idea of how the manual/book would look like if it were printed.

WEEK 2 – CATALOGUE – PUBLICATION (SPREADS): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NGJu668SZxUJzHlDZ0HveunplvbxAk_o/view?usp=sharing

The following link shows some of my sketchbook pages to show my process for this week’s task.

WEEK 2 – CATALOGUE – SKETCHBOOK PROCESS PAGES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kPqHXU3VjOqKTTYVBgTxoCWB_JPDvRJN/view?usp=sharing

Week 1 – Collect – Susanna Aurora Montaner Messori

I selected 26 items that I found around my house during a general clean-up from my first week of self-isolation back in Italy. These items all bring back memories I had almost forgotten about.

In order to portray the objects I chose in a more personal manner to me, I decided to trace the photos I took of these, creating a drawing version of each one of them.

I then used the ‘L’, ‘A’ and ‘C’ from the LATCH categories of information organisation to arrange these items in the publication. I organised the 26 items in the different countries in which I found/received them, then categorised these countries in alphabetical order and also added a small symbol next to each object to depict their chronological order.

WEEK 1 – COLLECT – PUBLICATION: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k7TVWheYRV_XzvRlZm72AX5TYtO7TGS-/view?usp=sharing

The link below shows a few pages from my sketchbook that portray my process to get to the final outcome for this week’s task.

WEEK 1 – SKETCHBOOK PROCESS PAGES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E2GjP8gdvXJUaU2HjLFWKI9V7ArsZy3T/view?usp=sharing

Please use the above links to view my work 🙂